A fermentation jar that revives an ancient food preservation method and brings it back into modern lives.
The modern city has become an agricultural landscape of its own, an urban ecosystem where food supply never runs out and harvest time is determined by supermarket offerings. We forgot that this ecosystem is still connected to the outside world and every choice we make has consequences.
Fermentation is one of the oldest food preservation methods, utilising microorganisms. As we loose our connection to nature we also loose the skill and knowledge how to ferment food, part of our cultural identity and with it a heritage of tastes.
The project tries to encourage people to start to ferment foods in their own kitchens again. A fermentation jar makes it easier, tires to take away fears and helps to rediscover an ancient food preservation method. These foods become time capsule preserving taste, it increases the diversity of food we eat and reduces food waste year round. 
The vessel combines a fermentation jar with an evaporation cooler that works like a root cellar. The material acts as an visual reminder when to refill, as it changes the color when it dries.