Lange Kanne
with Franz Ehn
  • Design in Gesellschaft/Vienna Design Week (AT) 2023

For nosy neighbors not minding their own wilting plants or people who decorate their top shelf with house plants.

Deine Stadt
  • Design in Gesellschaft/Vienna Design Week (AT) 2023

Vienna urban space statistics illustrated: All these numbers are available freely from the “Statistical Year Book Vienna 2022” but the connections between how these numbers relate to citizens are left blank.  

Home Is Where The Heart Is
with Franz Ehn
︎Date-ding (2023) Design in Gesellschaft

Home Is Where the Heart Is is about the intimacy of collaborative creation processes, about giving each other space and about how much empathy and consideration they need for good things to develop.

In a collaborative model city scenario, the needs, ideals and visions of life of the participants are revealed, which need to merge to form a consensus.

Airport, Animal shelter, Brothel, Carpentry workshop, Club, Co-working space, Dance studio, Escape room, Farm, Fitness center, Flea market, Ghost kitchen, Hardware store, Hospice, Ice cream shop, Investment property, Kebab stand, Monument, Pawnshop, Parking lot, Prison, Psychiatric hospital, Queer bar, Repair workshop, Retirement home, Sex shop, Shopping mall, Single-family house, Ski lift, Social housing, Theater, University, Xylophone shop, Yoga studio, Zoo

with Design in Gesellschaft
  • MAK Museum of Applied Arts (AT) 2022

Visit a museum the way fast food is consumed: In the middle of the MAK Columned Main Hall, the designers from Design in Gesellschaft will serve a selection of design icons, oversized and extremely striking, on a tray.

The large menu will not stand alone: Curated tours of the MAK’s exhibition rooms will connect different objects of the collection through unexpected stories and cross references.

The installation MAK Menu alludes to the museum as a place of “fast-culture-consumption” while at the same time illustrating that there is much more to it: Stories, which are worth taking time for, invite us to look into contemporary museum culture and its special artefacts.

DIN2121 – Seven Measuring Devices from 2121
with Sarah Franzl, Julia Schwarz, Isabel Prade, Johanna Pichlbauer, Mia Meus & Ege Kökel
  • Wien Woche (AT) 2021
  • Design in Gesellschaft/Vienna Design Week (AT) 2021

Deviation is the norm, exception is the rule.
Height: 52 cm, weight: 3410 g, head circumference: 36 cm. Scale and measuring tape welcome us into the world and determine how much we deviate from the calculated norm. They are harbingers of a civilization with a fetish for measured values and prognosis. From rulers to spectrometers, from Geiger counters to quartz clocks - there is an enormous variety of instruments to make our disorderly world understandable, conditions comparable and things possessable. But standardization is deceptive: what gets measured and which units and tolerances are applied is by no means objective, but an expression of power relations, infrastructures and cultural identities. Whoever measures has power.

DIN2121 is taking this power in order to survey the future with a series of highly specialized measuring instruments. Seven industrial designers and seven measuring tools from the year 2121 materialize a new, alternate world and assess its potentials. The tools are presented and demonstrated in a place that has always been a central stage for measuring, valuing and weighing: the market. DIN2121 invites you cordially to take part in measuring and recalibrating visions of the future.